The Matte Lipstick Your Dry Lips Won’t Hate

Victoria Moorhouse
matte colorburst

Photo: Revlon

I think it’s somewhat ironic that matte lipstick is such a big winter beauty trend. While I’m a huge fan of these shineless products, they can also be incredibly drying. And when the winter is already wreaking havoc on my lips, that’s not a side effect I’m especially accepting of.

I’d all but sworn off the look (September through March, anyway), until I found a lip product that gives me that matte look without the dryness. Enter Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balm ($9.49,

Yep, it’s a pigmented lip balm that goes on with a matte finish and doesn’t make your lips feel like complete death, and it’s one of my new winter beauty staples.

The product is made with a trio of moisturizing ingredients like shea, mango, and coconut butter, and feels super creamy and light on your lips. That’s not usually the case with most matte formulas I’ve tried. The crayon-shape also gives you a precise application. It honestly looks just like a chunkier version of a lip liner. I line my lips with the balm and then fill them in.

It comes in 10 shades, though my personal preference is Fierce, a brownish, ’90s hue, and the staying power is pretty impressive for a lip balm. When I first tried it out, I didn’t even have to reapply until after lunch and two large cups of coffee.
I would never substitute a hydrating, soothing lip balm for this product if my lips were really suffering, but it definitely hasn’t canceled out any of my efforts for healthier lips this winter. Maybe matte is actually a good idea after all.