Revlon Liquid Lipstick to Hit Shelves in April


If lipstick and gloss were to reproduce, Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick would be their spawn. The new lipstick, available in 20 shades, is Revlon’s latest initiative designed to ensure that the cosmetics giant stays current among the competition. In a time when seems like a new lipstick breakthrough occurring daily, this lipstick supposedly lasts 12-hours with just a single application and is even “food-proof”, WWD reports. Slated to arrive at both drugstores and mass chain retailers the first week April, the lipstick uses a new film-forming soluble technology which combines a Revlon proprietary long-wear resin polymer with a base film, allowing color to move with the lips.

A little history lesson from the Revlon ColorStay timeline: the first version of Revlon’s best selling ColorStay lipstick was introduced in 1994, followed by the launch of the first food-proof product eleven years later in 2005. Unfortunately, this ColorStay Overtime Sheer Lipcolor only lasts for eight hours (compared with the liquid version’s astounding 12) and requires a cumbersome two steps of application. Then there was the ColorStay Mineral Lip Glaze, introduced to the market in June of 2008, which although it only requires one application, does require touch-ups following a meal.

“Until now, all the innovation in food-proof has had two steps and always required a top coat. This is the only one-step product that has it all,” Revlon’s vice president of product development Annette Falso told WWD.

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