You NEED To See This Insane Before-And-After RevitaBrow Picture

You NEED To See This Insane Before-And-After RevitaBrow Picture
Photo: ImaxTree

We’ll be the first to admit our skepticism toward the unrealistic promises of a lot of beauty products. It’s hard enough not to get enticed by products that claim to turn you into a magical unicorn with perfect hair, skin, nails, and eyebrows, but it double-y doesn’t help when celebs are paid to convince us to buy every product they’ve ever used (lookin’ at you, Kardashians-slash-Jenners and your SugarBearHair vitamins). The point is, before we believe how well another “miracle” product works, we need to see proof. Which is why our brains exploded when we saw one Reddit user’s crazy before-and-after eyebrow transformation after using RevitaBrow Advanced for only five freaking weeks.

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Yeah, we audibly gasped, too. The Reddit user, Tesstothea, notes that “[my brows] always have been very sparse and light, because my natural color is very blonde.” But lest you think that RevitaBrow is only good for thickening brows, these photos pretty much prove that, when used consistently, the serum can give you thicker and darker hair, too (provided the user didn’t have them dyed, of course).

Although RevitaBrow isn’t made of magic and fairy dust, it does have a pretty huge cult-following for giving you real results, thanks to its biotin-based formula. Sadly, though, you do have to use it for a long-ass time, unless you want your brows to go back to normal. When one Reddit user asked if you have to use the product forever, Tesstothea commented, “You have to use it everyday for 3 months to get the full result; after 3 months you can use it 1-3 times a week.” And if the idea of spending $110 every few months to get thicker eyebrows makes you gag, Tesstothea assures us, “It definitely is worth the money for me!” We don’t know about you, but we’ll take this stranger’s word over that of a Kardashian’s any day.

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