Why You Should Consider Reverse Hair Washing

Megan Segura
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Over the past few years, it’s become clear that women wash their hair way too often, but is it possible we’re making another big mistake? It seems if you want the softening effects of conditioner without it weighing down your hair, you need to condition first and shampoo second.

This method, called reverse hair washing, is ideal for those with fine hair, because it ensures you’re really washing out all the conditioner, so it doesn’t cause hair to go limp. One woman did a real-life experiment with the hair-washing technique and one week later claims her hair was glossier, fuller looking and frizz-free.

One thing to note is the woman who tried reverse washing always shampooed first and then applied conditioner to her entire head, including the scalp. Many experts advise against putting conditioner on your scalp, since that can cause hair to be weighed down. Either way, it’s a simple enough experiment to conduct at home, and it could mean the world of difference for your hair.

Head over to the Daily Mail to see the dramatic before and after photos.

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