Shop This Minimalist Hair-Care Line for the Packaging, Stay for the Products

Rachel Krause

reverie hair products 3 Shop This Minimalist Hair Care Line for the Packaging, Stay for the Products

Judging by the sheer quantity of items I own that are pretty but serve no real, necessary purpose—bourgeois candles, crystal dishes in which to store rings, dried flowers, 50,000 throw blankets—it’s not unfair to say that I like my possessions decorative. Functionality almost always comes second to aesthetics, which is short-sighted and stupid but a personal choice.

So almost completely regardless of what’s inside, I like my beauty products, well, beautiful. I love packaging and things that look nice perched on my dark-wood dresser, even if I almost never use them or, in fact, do not even like the products themselves. All of that is to say that I would be drawn to REVERIE and its sleek, minimalist packaging even if it was completely empty. (Okay, maybe not then.)

The brainchild of hip California hairstylist Garrett Markenson, REVERIE consists of five well-curated hair products that are exactly the kind you want displayed on your dresser. Just looking at them, you can practically envision the perfect Instagram vignette: a tub of Rake styling balm, a tea candle, a pack of cigarettes, maybe a lined notebook, and a quill.

There’s Milk, an incredibly effective leave-in frizz-taming treatment; Cake, the legendary restorative serum that helps to promote hair growth; the now-unnamed shampoo-and-conditioner combo formerly known as Nude; and Rake, my personal favorite, a light-hold whipped styling balm that smells like a sexy opium den and gives hair the perfect piecey texture without making it sticky or rough to the touch. Necessary.

REVERIE flies under the radar, but PSA: You can now shop all the products online at Sephora, so you can get that much closer to a Perpetua-worthy display that will have everyone thinking your life is so chic, even if you haven’t left your house in three days.