Rethink Your Facial Moisturizer & Try Oil Instead

Julia DiNardo
Rethink Your Facial Moisturizer & Try Oil Instead
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Sure, you’ve used lotions, creams, and serums on your face, but what about oil? From olive to hazelnut, evening primrose and pomegranate oils, these products seek to nudge your skin back into a healthy state without being overly zealous.

“It’s a simple matter of knowing how your skin works,” explains Jaime Olander, Dr.Hauschka’s Esthetics Specialist. “Your skin seeks balance, not extremes. When you apply products that are too drying, you’re basically telling your skin that it needs to produce more oil to address the imbalance. For people with oily skin, this only perpetuates the problem, often with uncomfortable results.”

We’ve selected nine great oil moisturizers that will give you the hydration and harmony that your skin deserves!

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With a base of 100% pure plant extracts, this oil includes a perfect mix of rosewood, lotus extracts, and geranium to work at the skin's texture while hazelnut oil comes in to soften and provide the ultimate hydration.

(Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, $50, Nordstrom)

Made from 100% natural virgin olive oil paired with natural citrus essences, use this sparingly and apply before bedtime to let it seep in and work its deep-hydrating magic overnight.

(Olivella Moisturizer Oil, $21.95,

Give your skin a break from layers of daily makeup and a myriad of issues from dry skin to sunburn and even parched lips with this repairing oil that includes sunflower seed, sweet almond, lavender, cotton, linseed, and palm oils

(Elastin-rp Skin Replenishment Oil, $75, available starting in June at

Great for oily or acne-prone skin, the formula features apricot kernel and sweet almond oil, St. John’s Wort and calendula extracts. "Dr.Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil provides a light, clean layer of plant oils and extracts that send a message to your skin to normalize oil production —not stop it completely. This encourages a balanced state. Oil is under control, blemishes and irritation are visibly minimized. Your skin feels comfortable, and looks fresh and radiant.”-- Jaime Olander, Dr.Hauschka’s Esthetics Specialist

(Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil, $42.95,

Essential oils of neroli, sandalwood, petitgrain, sage, parsley, and juniper berry lull the skin into a peaceful, nutrient-rich hydrated state, while providing a soothing and aromatic, spa-like experience. Lightly apply and work into the face gently with your fingertips.

(DECLEOR Paris Aromessence Néroli Oil, $68,

With 11 essential oils and designated for all skin types, this oil quickly absorbs to provide a healthy, shining, well-moisturized glow that is sure to elicit plenty of complexion-based compliments. Plus, isn't the bottle just so gorgeous and elegant?

(RODIN Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil, $150,

This is a terrific combination formula of evening primrose oil, macadamia seed oil, and marshmallow to hydrate and soften, while rose hip and safflower oil work on fine lines, wrinkles and firmness.

(Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil, $50,

Great to add to any other moisturizer or use alone; the certified-organic ingredients of pomegranate, olive, geranium, evening primrose, and rosewood oils give you all that you need to act as an anti-inflammatory, balance the skin, hydrate, soothe irritation and promote blood cell circulation. (John Masters Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil, $30,

It's all about the lipids with this moisture boost from Babor; the natural oils and herbacea extract ingredients combine to create extra lipids for intense moisture in a formula that is heavy on hydrating but quick to absorb into the skin.

(BABOR SKINOVAGEPX Vita Balance Lipid Plus Oil, $82, available in June at

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