Rethink Your Facial Moisturizer & Try Oil Instead

Julia DiNardo

Sure, you’ve used lotions, creams, and serums on your face, but what about oil? From olive to hazelnut, evening primrose and pomegranate oils, these products seek to nudge your skin back into a healthy state without being overly zealous.

“It’s a simple matter of knowing how your skin works,” explains Jaime Olander, Dr.Hauschka’s Esthetics Specialist. “Your skin seeks balance, not extremes. When you apply products that are too drying, you’re basically telling your skin that it needs to produce more oil to address the imbalance. For people with oily skin, this only perpetuates the problem, often with uncomfortable results.”

We’ve selected nine great oil moisturizers that will give you the hydration and harmony that your skin deserves!

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