Finally! Resume Writing Moves into the Future With this Cool New Tool

Meghan Blalock

Updating your resume: Three tiny words that have a profound effect on pretty much everyone’s ability to procrastinate. They can strike fear into the hearts of even the most experienced professionals, as the task has an overwhelming tendency to be laboriously detailed and painfully rote. Enter brand new site Sumry.

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As the name implies, Sumry claims to revolutionize both the process of creating and the experience of reading a resume by changing the format from the standard bullet-pointed list to a nicely flowing graphic summary of who you are as a whole human being.

And here’s another cool feature: it’s entirely online. You design and edit your resume online, you save it online, and you send it online. Gone are the days of converting a Microsoft Word doc to a PDFs and then attaching it to an email; all you have to do with your Sumry is save it, then send a link.

sumry Finally! Resume Writing Moves into the Future With this Cool New Tool

Most importantly, the site is incredibly easy to use: once you sign up (it’s free!), you enter all your information into intuitive, easy-to-understand fields, and the design auto-populates. You can drag and drop fields to change the order of your experiences, education, and other items you want to include. It auto-saves along the way so you don’t have to worry about starting over should anything go wrong.

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The best part is that the final product is really easy on the eyes and is a super-modern and cool alternative to a stodgy about black-and-white, Times New Roman-filled piece of paper. Head to to check out how it works!

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