15 Exercises Anyone Can Do at Home With Resistance Bands

Sara Lindberg
15 Exercises Anyone Can Do at Home With Resistance Bands
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Let’s face it. Sometimes, the idea of going to the gym and lifting weights doesn’t sound appealing. But what if you want to exercise and stay fit, just not at the gym?

We have two words for you: resistance bands.

Resistance bands , or exercise bands, are elastic bands that come in a variety of sizes, strengths and lengths. They act as an external resistance as you do full-body exercises.

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One of the appeals of using this fitness tool is how portable they are. You can take them just about anywhere, and you can even tuck them away in your handbag. Plus, they are generally easy to use with minimal instructions.

Since you can choose the strength that’s right for you, resistance bands are appropriate for all fitness levels. However, Dr. Suzanne Martin, a physical therapist, says to make sure you’re using good body mechanics and the band that fits your level. “Exercise bands do require some thought in how you are using them,” she tells SheKnows.

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“The resistance level of the band is not only by color indication, which varies by brand but also how tight you hold the band from stable point to moving point — the distance you hold the band from the stable point,” she adds.

We asked the experts to share a few of their favorite exercises you can do at home with resistance bands. Here are 15 moves that will challenge, strengthen and tone your entire body.


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