Research Proves Bold Lipstick Makes You Look Younger: Do You Agree?

Augusta Falletta

Bold Red Lipstick, Prada Fashion Week

We’re firm subscribers to the belief that bold lipstick can make your life better, so when we heard that science has now proven that bold lipstick can also make you look younger, we got pretty giddy. According to a study conducted by Professor Richard Russell and researchers from C.E.R.I.E.S. (Epidermal and Sensory Research and Investigation Center), the contrast that lipstick creates when applied makes the wearer appear younger. Through the aging process, the colors of the lips, eyes and eyebrows change and the skin becomes darker, resulting in less of a contrast between the different areas of the face. What this means in plain English is that older faces are left with a more monotone look, while younger faces have a greater contrast between the different facial features. When lipstick was applied to the subjects, respondents said that they appeared younger, due to the redness in the lips suggesting health and beauty.

The whole point of wearing makeup is to make yourself look the best you possibly can, and if that means making yourself look younger, lipstick is evidently the way to do it. Fortunately, lipstick has been a huge trend for spring, so if jazzing up your lips will make you look younger and keep you on trend it certainly seems like a bonus to us. We’re curious to hear what you have to say – do you agree that lipstick makes you look younger, or do you think it doesn’t effect your look at all? Take the poll below to see what other readers have to say!

Image via Imaxtree