Repair Damaged Hair At Home With These Treatments You Can’t Beat

Kristin Booker

There’s something to be said for the resilience of hair. Just think of all we put it through: heat styling, brushing, dyeing, chemical treatments and the list goes on. The torture of hair dryers and flatirons alone are the beauty equivalent of medieval torture to your hair. Don’t you think your tresses deserve a break?

Between winter blasts and the rigors of Fashion Week, our over-styled, parched strands are dying for a little love. There are only so many curling iron sessions you can do before having to apologize to your hair. We’ve rounded up the best products to restore, rejuvenate and respect our tired, weakened strands to repair damaged hair at home. From shampoos and conditioners to masks and styling products, here’s how to treat your suffering strands to get back on your hair’s good side (and stay there).

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