Rent The Runway To Start Selling Lancome Makeup


Rent the Runway is an awesome site for fashionistas who never wear the same dress twice. If you’re not familiar, Rent the Runway let’s you rent designer dresses for days at a time so you can look chic without shelling out crazy money!

The site which allows you to rent dresses, jewelry and handbags has recently announced that they’re teaming up with Lancome to start selling makeup. They want to give the RtR customers a “head-to-toe” experience that doesn’t stop with what you wear. Customers will now be able to purchase full-price Lancome beauty products to compliment their rented outfits. (The website also sells lingerie). So my question is, why didn’t rentable shoes come next?

Also, the whole idea of Rent the Runway is the flexibility and ease that renting gives customers. Buying makeup at full price doesn’t convey that ease. If the products being sold were special sample sizes so you could use the lipstick once or an eye shadow once, that would make more sense. Beauty is something that changes depending on mood, occasion and outfit but I would never purchase a lipstick to compliment one dress, especially one that’s rented.

Would you buy makeup from RtR? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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