Transition From Relaxed to Natural With Ease

Transition From Relaxed to Natural With Ease
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Transitioning from straight, relaxed hair to your naturally coarse, curly or wavy strands can truly test your willpower and your patience. Don't give up, even when you feel like pulling your hair out, literally. Here are a few essential tips that will make this admirable hair journey a successful one. Soon enough, you'll be on your way towards sportin' your beautiful coils like the ever so stunning Halle Berry!

How to Get Thicker Hair Faster!

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Moisturizing your hair has to be the most important factor in growing out your relaxer as it prevents dryness and breakage. As your new hair texture grows in, it creates a line of demarcation, separating relaxed from natural or weak from strong. Even if you decide to do a "big chop" and cut off all of your relaxed tresses, it is still crucial to always keep your hair moisturized. Try Nature's Way Coconut Oil, ($9, for a healthy hydration!

Top Must-Have Natural Products

If you decide against chopping off all of your relaxed hair, it's important to frequently trim your relaxed ends. This not only speeds up the time until you can rock your natural curls, but the shorter the relaxed length, the less chance you have of intense breakage. Visit your salon every 4-6 weeks and start saying goodbye to your straight strands!

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It's essential to keep your two varying textures as similar as possible. Leaving half of your hair curly and the other half straight is a breeding ground for breakage as the two textures battle against each other. If you like your hair straight, keep all of it consistent in that style. If you want it curly, try rollers or styling products to keep your relaxed hair as coiled as can be. Try a protective style like actress Tracie Thoms's twists for a real hair vacation.

10 Natural Hairstyles We Love

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Forgive the clich, but a healthy scalp is a happy scalp. A hydrated, clean scalp is one of the best platforms for steady and healthy hair growth. Since you're either adding products to your hair, not washing as often due to straightening or keeping it in a protective style, it's vital to keep your scalp in its best possible shape. Try a moisturizing shampoo like Shea Moisture's Moisture Retaining Shampoo, ($10, to remove product buildup.

Don't Make These Hairstyle Mistakes

A major component in a healthy transition is low hair manipulation. It's great to keep hair in one similar texture, that doesn't mean straighten it every day - don't damage your newly natural strands in the process! Try maintainable straight styles like Zoe Saldana, wearing a silk scarf at night or rollers once a week under a dryer. Using a previously mentioned protective style is a f antastic option, just remember to cleanse and moisturize your scalp for the healthiest results.

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