5 Ways to Reduce Skin Redness This Winter

woman wearing winter hat

Photo: Getty Images

We love a good rosy blush — heck, we scour through the beauty aisles to find our perfect hue. But that is not to be confused with winter’s dry, inflamed and even splotchy redness we get when the temperature dips. To keep skin hydrated and with just a hint of pink, we sought out the help of Lori Terwilliger, spa and wellness professional, on what products and practices work best.

1. Soothe with a Serum
When it’s cold out, the air irritates the blood vessels, causing them to dilate. This causes inflammation and redness of the skin. Terwilliger recommends starting with a soothing serum to calm the irritation and redness. “You want to start with a serum because it goes right through to the dermis, helping blood vessels to not be as irritated.” Murad’s Redness Therapy Sensitive Soothing Serum ($51, sephora.com) has chamomile which soothes the skin while the hyaluronic acid and glycolipids retain moisture.

2. Retain Moisture
Next, you want to lock in moisture with a cream such as Skin PHD Moisture Maintenance, which relieves itching, dryness and redness. Its plant-derived squalane and ximenia oils help to jumpstart the production of skin’s natural oils.

3. Kill Bacteria with Oxygen
Skin may also be suffering from redness if it’s inflamed from bacteria. Terwilliger explains that oxygen is a natural cleanser, so using a oxygen serum like Wilma Schumann O2 Oxygen Blu ($56, wilmaschumann.com) kills bacteria that can cause inflammation and blemishes.

4. Sleep with a Humidifier
Indoor heating systems zap the air of all its moisture, so even inside, you need an extra boost of hydration. Leave the humidifier on all night with a warm mist, making it close to the skin’s natural temperature.

5. Try a Cold Laser
This anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory laser facial helps products to penetrate better into the skin, says Terwilliger. Better penetration equals more hydration and less irritation. “It doesn’t hurt or feel cold. Most lasers are thermal, but this one doesn’t heat stem cells like other lasers.” And there’s no down time. Right after the 10 minute procedure, you’ll see results. Opt for getting it done once a week for three weeks. And it won’t break the bank — appointments vary from $30-75.

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