Redken Makes Your Lunch Hour Worthwhile


For those of you who actually get a 60 minute lunch hour, maybe instead of your usual salad, schedule something nutritous for your hair instead. The Angelo David Salon promises to reverse the effects of well, everything, in the time it takes you to usually chow down a tuna roll and an iced tea.

David Stanko, haircolor consultant for Redken, claims to have the power to reverse the dire effects of all weather conditions with Redken Chemistry’s professional in-salon treatments designed to revive damaged hair. Combining a “Shot Phase,” in which a customized blend of highly concentrated ingredients are applied to the hair to compensate for missing components, and a “Shot Phix,” in which an acidic lotion is sprayed on to rebalance pH and seal your hair’s cuticle, this treatment is formulated to seriously give your hair some shock and awe.

Whether your hair is damaged from environmental or mechanical stressors, Redken Chemistry’s customized treatments can give your locks the protection they need – whether it’s moisture, color protection, strength, softness, control, or a combination.

The best part, though: the treatment is quick, so you can maybe squeeze in a quick bite during the blow-out.

Available at Angelo David Salon in NYC.

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