News: Redheads Are Overrepresented on TV; A Perfume-Flavored Cookie

Rachel Krause
"God's Pocket" - Photocall

Photo: Getty Images

A new report shows that 11 percent of actors who appear in primetime TV ads have red hair, whereas only two to six percent of the U.S. population are redheads. That means you’re vastly more likely to see someone with red hair on television than in the flesh. [The Atlantic]

This new treatment is being likened to a topical version of Spanx for your under-eye bags. Tempting! [InStyle]

Estée Lauder has joined forces with beloved bake shop Momofuku Milk Bar to create a “perfume”-flavored cookie. It sounds terrible, but the rose extract, dried strawberry and vanilla-infused treat is reportedly delicious. [Refinery29]

Yep, it’s about that time of year: A top dermatologist shares her best tips on how to transition your skin care routine into fall. [Beauty High]