This Reddit Thread About Embracing Flaws Will Restore Your Hope in Humanity

This Reddit Thread About Embracing Flaws Will Restore Your Hope in Humanity
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Women are faced with unrealistic beauty standards daily. From thin waists and thigh gaps to clear skin and lighter skin tones, the “perfect woman” idea has been thrown at us from every angle. And as hard as it is to push those expectations to the wayside, women are learning to say “screw it” and embrace their so-called “flaws.”

Yesterday, Reddit user BrilliantBanjo posted a thread on Makeup Addiction asking fellow beauty addicts how they love and work with what others would deem flaws. “I hesitate to use the word flaw, because the idea of a flaw is so subjective and personal. However, almost all of us have something we wish we could change about ourselves. Does anyone have something that you (or maybe even others) perceive as a “flaw,” but that you use to your advantage somehow?”

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She continued by revealing how her own flaw—hooded lids— are now something she’s grateful to have. “I can disguise my crappy blending for the most part! If I had standard lids, I’d have to learn how to blend crease color better. Until then, I am rocking the unblended crease color because no one can tell otherwise!”

People loved her confession and joined in on how they celebrate what makes them different. User 2621759912014199 said, “I have a cherry angioma (basically it’s a small mole, but it’s bright red) on the side of my nose next to my eye. Sometimes, I put a dot of red lipstick on it to make it bigger because I think it’s really cute.”

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After reading this comment, another user who also has the same condition realized her own mole, which she unsuccessfully tried to remove twice, was “kinda cute.”

Some highlights from the rest of the thread were how droopy lids add more space for creative shadow work, not correcting dark eye circles for a “dead but delicious look,” and continuing to highlight large noses and small cupid’s bow because even though they’re not the “right” size, they still deserve attention.

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We all have flaws of some sort, whether personally defined or societal. But instead of dwelling on the negative, take the silver-lining approach, and find out what makes your flaws great. While I’ll be working on accepting my acne flare-ups, how are you planning to celebrate your hang-ups?

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