According to Reddit, This $7 Sulfur Cream Cures Cystic Acne

According to Reddit, This $7 Sulfur Cream Cures Cystic Acne
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Cystic acne is among the more extreme, but common woes in the skin care realm. Unfortunately, over-the-counter treatment options aren’t as readily available. As explained by countless experts, there are a handful of things that factor into whether a certain concoction will work for you, including lifestyle choices, genetics and/or the environment you live in.

But every once in awhile, there’s one solution that climbs the ranks and goes viral for its supposed ability to work for any and everyone. This week, that distinguished honor belongs to sulfur cream, which is said to be gentler than salicylic acid, another popular blemish fighter.

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As spotted by Marie Claire, in a Reddit post titled  “To whoever recommended sulfur cream, freaking thank you,” user TheQuinnBee name-checked De La Cruz 10% Sulfur Cream
 ($7) as the only product to successfully make her painful pimples vanish almost immediately. “I slap some on for 10 minutes and wash it off. After a day I could double it up. The new one vanished like immediately. The old ones are nearly gone. I haven’t developed any new ones yet. It feels so freaking good not to have these painful cysts on my face,” she wrote.

Soon after, other Redditors chimed in saying that sulfur had done the same for their breakouts.

“Yesssssssss, LOVE de la cruz sulfur cream!! It resolved the worst cystic breakout of my life last year, within a month and I’ve been clear since. Now I’m just toying and playing with skincare for extra benefits beyond acne. Feels so good to know I’ll always have this in my arsenal if I have another massive breakout,” wrote one user.

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Another said, “I use this proactive sulfur mask that absolutely gets rid of whatever acne you have. It’s crazy.”

It’s worth noting that the De La Cruz formula is for the most part pure sulfur, so if your skin is especially sensitive, check in with a dermatologist before using. Otherwise, if the reviews are any indication, this may just become your new go-to spot treatment.