Redditors Cleverly Solved a Woman’s Nipple Makeup Dilemma

Concealer palette
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When a Reddit thread begins with “Really weird question…,” we’re immediately intrigued. But when it’s found on Makeup Addiction, and followed with “anybody know how to cover up areolae with makeup??,” there was no question we just found a quarter among pennies. It became a need-to-read thread.

The ask came yesterday from Occasional_Cupcake, a loud and proud showgirl, who needed help covering her areolas for work. She explained her situation, and honestly, not only did we feel bad that a natural part of her body was getting in the way of her job, but that she seemed to have lost hope of ever finding a solution.

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“One of the costumes we wear involves pasties. Every girl wears them except me because I have really big areolae and they peek out the sides. My boss sent me home with a pair and told me I’m welcome to see what I can do with makeup to cover them up a little. I played around with it last night and got it really really close but I could still see them 🙁 mine are very light colored so I don’t think it’ll be difficult to do I just don’t know how.”

Without a second thought, Redditors jumped in to help. One user recommended Glamoflauge, a Hard Candy concealer, and another user confirmed the concealer’s power over nipples. dusklily wrote, “Glamoflauge and red lipstick covered up mine completely ! (Nah I’m not a MUA, just got stoned and curious one day lol)”. There’s nothing better than beauty techniques that have been road-tested by real women, right?

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Other people, who didn’t cover their nipples but did cover acne scars, bruises, and tattoos, chimed in with suggestions like Dermablend, NYX green color correcting cream, and Covermark Leg Magic. Someone even recommended watching FX makeup tutorials to ensure there’d be no hints of areola—or makeup work—showing.

The OP edited her original post to let everyone know that her coworker was bringing her dermacol to try out, but she’d keep everyone updated with the cover-up progress. Girl, we’re waiting!