Redditors are Going Nuts Over This Chart Comparing Popular Lipstick Sizes and Prices

Redditors are Going Nuts Over This Chart Comparing Popular Lipstick Sizes and Prices

Calling all budget-focused beauty buyers! On Thursday morning, brainy Reddit user armidalowe placed 36 bullet lipsticks into a chart, noting their price, size, and calculated price per ounce. The post quickly garnered 253 upvotes and 61 comments in just over three hours, with users indicating they’re shook, mad, and questioning the price of their go-to lipstick.

If math isn’t your strong suit, think of it this way: Each lipstick’s volume, or the amount of space the object takes up, is measured in fluid ounces, not ounces (there’s a big difference between weight and volume). All of these lipsticks take up less space than one fluid ounce. A traditional shot of liquor is one and half ounces while a cup of water is eight. So, all of these lipsticks take up less space—sometimes a whole ounce less—than a shot of your favorite tequila.

So when you buy a tube of NARS lipstick ringing in at $34 for .140 fluid ounces, you’re paying for a fraction of its cost per ounce. There’s a lot more going on in this list than just division. You can see many of the brands have products that are the same size, but are priced differently, which could indicate a difference in brand value, packaging, or product quality. For instance, commenter lucypurr was bothered by Wet N Wild’s low price point because it could mean lower-quality ingredients.

Reddit Lipstick Chart


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On the other hand, many people were calling out Tom Ford for having the highest price per ounce. However, keep in mind that the brand claims to use only the best and exotic ingredients, like soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil. Commenters also pointed out the volume of lipsticks depends on packaging, too. Trinkets and charms, like the ribbon that accompanies Christian Louboutin’s lipstick, could drive up its price (it retails at $90 for .134 oz).

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All in all, this chart speaks volumes (see what we did there?) about the ins and outs of makeup production and how that factors into the money we spend on our must-haves. Is your favorite on this list?