How to Find Your Best Shade of Red Hair

red hair

Photos: Getty Images

No matter how many times you hear the word “ginger” used in a derogatory way, it’s impossible to deny that red hair is having its moment in the spotlight — in a good way. Right now red is the “it” color to try. For those who want to give the hue a go, first find the right shade for your skin tone and eye color.

Strawberry blonde hues like Bella Thorne‘s look best on those with naturally medium to dark blonde hair and pink undertones in the skin. A rose gold like Connie Britton‘s is warmer, with tones of copper and gold, so it pairs nicely with a tanner complexion. For a more subtle take on the red trend, try a muted strawberry blonde like Amy Adams. The color has only a hint of red.

Now here come our copper hues. Emma Stone‘s red hair, pictured above, is a golden copper that works best with skin that has warm undertones. Both Jessica Chastain and Isla Fisher have bright coppers that pair nicely with light to medium skin tones with cool undertones.

Julianne Moore‘s cinnamon shade is more of a true red, as is Christina Hendricks‘, whose brighter hue brings out her her bright blue eyes. (The brighter the eyes, the brighter the red you can get away with). Also, because red is such a rich hue, there isn’t much highlighting. You want the same color from root to tip. For darker eye colors and medium skin tones, like Julia Roberts‘, the red needs to be a bit muted and the hair darker. Her auburn has soft highlights in the front to frame the face.

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