12 Problems Only Redheads Understand

Augusta Falletta

red hair problems

If you’re lucky enough to be born a redhead, you’re welcomed into a group of 2% of the population that has a million perks. Gorgeous milky skin, hair that’s sure to give you the nickname “Girl on Fire,” and plenty of people constantly telling you how gorgeous your hair is. With the ups come the downs, though, and there are just some things only redheads can understand, like the 12 problems below.

1. “Is that your natural hair color?” Do you think this comes from a box?

2. Every time you even mention that you’re maybe thinking of possibly dyeing your hair, everyone and their mother (and your mother) freaks out and begs you to reconsider. Calm down, people.

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3. It is impossible to hide in group photos.

4. Everyone assumes you’re Irish.
4.5. The leprechaun jokes on St. Patrick’s Day are out of control.

5. If your face gets even a little red from embarrassment/after a long workout, duck in cover or face the “Your face looks as red as your hair!” comments for at least an hour.

6.When you’re out with your girlfriends and they spot a cute redheaded guy, get ready for everyone saying, “Your redhead babies would be adorable!” Did no one pay attention in Biology?

7. Having to deal with people asking about your eyebrows and lashes being different colors.

8. Good luck finding a dry shampoo specifically for redheads.

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9. The sun.

10. Once you get enough freckles, it almost looks like you got a tan.

11. When you were little and your friends were all deciding who was going to “be” each Disney princess, you were always Ariel.

12. Getting to sneer just a little bit at the blatantly obvious fake redheads in the room.

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