Recession Roots: Stretching Haircolor?


A couple of days ago my friend sent me this article in response to a blog I wrote about people wearing their pajama bottoms in public (it just pains me when I see someone at the supermarket in their Boston Bruins PJ bottoms).

The article talks about the recession and how folks are cutting back; specifically in Boston. The two girls who open the interview work at a kiosk in the Prudential Mall so I’m not entirely sure what type of income they are pulling in and who they are to critisice but regardless, the writer brings up some good points.

For example, she points out that people aren’t getting their hair done as often and scads of women are seen with crazy roots walking the streets of Boston.

I am one of those women. Check out these recession roots:

Lisas Recession Roots.jpgOh yes. That is the top of my head with 10 weeks of grey growth. I am rocking an inch and a half of roots right there.No worries though. Come tomorrow at 3pm I’ll be caramel blonde.

Ooops! That was supposed to be a surprise. Oh well. I guess you’ll just have to check back to for updates on my hair transformation 🙂

Are you cutting back because of the recession? Leave a comment telling us tricks you’re doing to save on cash. As long as it’s not wearing polka dotted pajama bottoms in public I may give it a try.


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