Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Removed From YouTube, Models Revolt

Rachel Adler

Rebecca Black had the interwebs abuzz this morning when she removed her YouTube video Friday. And on all days, when we should be getting ready for the…okay, I’m not really going to go there.

Apparently the video was pulled down due to legal issues, because Black, who according to USA Today has an entire “team” is battling with Ark Music over the rights to her song. Ark had begun charging $2.99 per view for the clip, which prompted Black and her parents to take legal actionI mean, celebrating the weekend should really be free for everyone, right?

Model Coco Rocha voiced her disdain over the video being removed last night via Twitter:

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And, many aspiring makeup artists have taken to YouTube to give Black some makeup advice, but I don’t really suggest she follow it they go a little heavy on the critiques. What she should do though, is cut her hair (layers would do wonders!), and try some bolder lip colors and a touch of blush. People are watching you, dress it up a bit!