Get Ready For a Fresh Start: Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag

Augusta Falletta
Get Ready For a Fresh Start: Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag
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Nothing says “January 1” quite like a fresh start, and after a year of testing out new colors and trends, our makeup bags are ready for a major clean up. If you’re coming into 2013 with dried out, overused products or dirty tools, some serious work needs to be done to start your year off on the right foot. We all fall into the same trap during the year of buying more products than we’d like to count just to try them out, and being the hoarders that we are, we never get rid of the old products. Now is the time, ladies. Let’s tackle the makeup bag beast together.

First off, if you haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in the past two weeks, make sure you wash them with warm soapy water and dry them flat. Next, you’ll need to get rid of any dried out or expired products. As for the rest of the bag, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of change ups, swaps, and just plain out of style products. By the time you’ve gone through the list, your makeup bag will be brand spanking new!

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Swap out your old makeup sponge for the Beauty Blender, an ideal shape for flawless application. Plus, it comes with a cleanser, so you're all set for a regularly clean tool.

(Beauty Blender Kit, $39.95, Birchbox)

Have you used so much top coat that you need to tilt the bottle and coax the brush into getting enough polish on it, only to come out of the bottle gloppy and tacky? Invest in a new bottle of top coat and save yourself the headache, keeping your manicure smooth and glossy instead of thick and chunky. 

(Sephora X Top Coat, $9.50, Sephora)

Mascara shouldn't live longer than three months tops, because bacteria can get in the tube and in turn, get into your eyes. Plus, the older the tube, the drier the formula will most likely be. To avoid premature dry out, don't pump the wand into the bottle to get more mascara on the bristles - spin the wand inside the tube to keep from pushing air into the mascara. 

(ModelCo Fibre LashXtend, $24, Birchbox)

WIthout trying to shatter your heart, we need to tell you that if you're still using shatter nail polish, the two of you should probably break up. Switch shatter for a magnetic polish instead to keep on trend. 

(OPI Shatter Nail Polish, $6.38,

While nude lipstick is very in right now, a lipstick with a pearlized finish is still only popular in '90s TV shows. Instead of a shiny champagne, try a matte finish lipstick or a bold gloss. 

(Wet 'n Wild Lipstick, $.99,

How old is your perfume? If you're sitting and thinking about this for more than fifteen seconds, it's probably too old. Fragrance isn't at its prime after three years, meaning you could be using a scent that's expired and therefore, smelling a bit off. Pick up a fresh roller ball or bottle of your favorite perfume. 

(Kate Spade Twirl Rollerball, $18, Birchbox)

Nail files are an easy tool to forget about changing. Because you don't use them every day, it's the "out of sight, out of mind" policy. To make sure you're actually filing your nails and not making a bad situation worse, start the new year with a fresh file. 

(Tweezerman Nail File, $5, Birchbox)

Don't start a new year with nicks! Trash your old, dull razor for a new one and treat yourself to a moisturizing shave cream. 

(Venus Breeze Razor, $10.99,

Take a minute to sharpen your eye and lip liners, then another minute to clean out the shavings compartment of your sharpener. Your makeup will be more precise and your makeup bag won't be filled with scraps. 

(NARS Pencil Sharpener, $6, Sephora)

Reusing your false eyelashes once or twice in a pinch is fine as long as you clean them with eye makeup remover, but after that you risk infection in your eyes. After a season of partying, get yourself a new pair of falsies. 

(Illamasqua False Eyelashes, $12, Sephora)

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