Up Your Braid Game and Learn How to Get the Rapunzel Braid

Straight off the pages of your favorite fairy tale, the Rapunzel braid is the newest hair trend that has everyone chattering. The 5-strand braid, while appearing a bit complicated, is quite simple to achieve – and can be styled in more ways than one! If you’re tired of the standard three-weave braid and want to change things up a bit, continue below to learn how to master this chic style (with some added options!).

Traditional Rapunzel Braid: In this video by Luxy Hair , you’ll learn a step-by-step for how to successfully create a traditional Rapunzel braid with no fuss and in no time.

Braid-in-Braid: One of the great things about the Rapunzel braid is it’s versatility. Nee styles the braid with a unique twist. Through her step-by-step demonstration, she follows the structure of the Rapunzel braid but creates a smaller braid within the hair, giving the look a casual feel.

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Bohemian Inspired: If you prefer a style that’s a bit more relaxed, this look by Samy Rae is the perfect fit. In her short tutorial featured above, she explains how to achieve this effortless variation of the Rapunzel braid.

Two Looks In One:  In the video featured above, Kassidy  demonstrates two ways this braid can be styled. Easily transitioned from daytime to nighttime wear, these looks are a lifesaver for ladies on the go.

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Headband Braid: Rather leave your hair loose? We’ve got you covered. If you’ve fallen completely in love with this trend, follow step-by-step with Bethanie Hamilton and try your hand at this small headband braid featured above.

Diagonal Braid: A prim and polished approach to the Rapunzel braid, this updo created by HeyKayli is perfect for any special occasion. View the video featured above to master this chic revamp.