Raise Your Hand


The Pocahontas-meets-Janice-Joplin head strap trend has been around for a really long time now. Then today’s guest hairstylist styled one of our models a la Last of the Hippy Mohicans, and even though I had decided that I am so over this trend,  it just worked. Something about the size of the headband, which was actually the neck strap off of a backstage pass, and just-messy-enough curls made this style look fresh. Melissa Aguerre from Cutler sprayed the model’s hair with Redken’s Spray Starch and Fabricate to make it “a little dirty,” then curled large pieces of hair by wrapping it around a closed curling iron. She brushed out the curls, sprayed them with Redken’s Workforce 09 hairspray, and finished by tying the cord around her head about two inches down from her hairline. Of course it helps that our model Elvira from New York Models is incredibly beautiful, but what do you think? Is this look over, or is it here to stay?

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Nyc, NY 10022