The Best Rainy Day Beauty Tips and Tricks

Rachel Krause
Rainy Day Beauty

Photo: ImaxTree

We’re all about presenting a united front, and no matter the weather, there’s simply no excuse for running around with fuzzy hair and melted mascara raccoon eyes. In fact, we’re armed with an arsenal of rainy day beauty tips and tricks that will help to keep your look in check with hardly any extra effort at all.

Close your hair’s cuticle for less frizz.
Regardless of whether your hair is fine, thick, straight, curly, or some combination thereof, rainy weather can only mean one thing: Frizz, and lots of it. According to Rafe Hardy, creative director at Sexy Hair, the key to avoiding fuzzy texture is to keep the hair’s cuticle sealed. He says, “Use a light mousse or gel all over the hair and work it through so that the entire follicle is smooth.” Other ways to close the cuticle are by using a lightweight silicone product when styling, such as Bumble and bumble Straight Blow Dry ($29,, and rinsing hair with cold water at the end of your shower.

Go light on the makeup.
Aside from the obvious—read: waterproof mascara and eyeliner—celebrity makeup artist Paul Innis suggests steering clear of heavy moisturizers and foundation when humidity is high. We’ve all experienced the irritating face-melting effect of heavier makeup and high humidity, so instead try getting some color from a lightweight illuminating product like Urban Naked Flushed in Streak ($30,, a silky powder palette that combines bronzer, highlighter, and blush for a total about-face.

Ward off humidity.
While an umbrella can help to lessen the likelihood of getting completely soaked, there’s definitely no hiding from humidity, so arm yourself with hair products that protect against steamy weather. Our best recommendation? After styling, lightly coat hair in an anti-humidity spray that also offers hold, like Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray ($18, If you’re especially prone to frizz, carrying a travel-size version of styling cream, or even a moisturizing hand cream, can be an indispensable help for touch-ups throughout the day.

Blending makes it better.
Whether you’re heading out into a light drizzle or a torrential downpour, makeup precautions need to be taken. Innis suggests major blending as a strategy: “To keep your makeup intact in humid weather, always make sure to rub makeup into your skin so that it’s not just sitting on top.” This is where a super-efficient makeup sponge, like the Beautyblender ($19.95,, comes in. The suede texture of the curved non-latex sponge perfectly blends makeup for a flawless finish that really works makeup into the skin.

Keep volume intact.
A high-volume updo or ponytail just won’t last in the drizzle, unless you’re adding some seriously formidable product to go with it. Spritz a texturizing spray like L’Oreal Professionnel Perfect Texture Texturizing Spray (salons) to give hair weight and, well, texture, which will prevent it from falling flat, before back-combing at the crown. Hardy also suggests criss-crossing two bobby pins at the base of your tease to keep volume high.

The sun isn’t shining, so your face shouldn’t be.
Yet another humidity-induced problem we face during rainy weather is unwanted shine. Turn to skin care and makeup specifically designed to combat it, like lightweight mattifying moisturizers, both tinted and otherwise. A primer with a powdery matte finish, like Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer ($30,, can also work wonders for repelling excess oil and shine throughout the day. We cannot emphasize enough how critical blotting papers are for keeping the greasies at bay. Pop them in your purse for a face fix-up any time.

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