Rainwear For Your Hair


This morning at 7:10 am my alarm went off, I rolled over, and looked out the window, just like every other morning. This morning though, it was raining, the roads were shiny with water, and the streets were utterly empty. For a brief moment the rain seemed sweet and romantic, but then I remembered that shortly I would have to be out there, fighting the elements. My thoughts shifted to what I was going to wear (rain boots, Wolford tights, Alexander Wang navy jumper, grey cashmere sweater, oversized TSE hooded pullover, and grey beanie), and what I was going to do with my hair (apparently still undecided). There’s nothing sadder than watching your hair style get blown-away and in today’s weather it would be inevitable. So feeling defeated I decided not to waste 30 minutes and piled my hair on top of my head.

Since I’m obviously not the only person to have this problem, John Frieda recently launched a line of hair products created specifically for days like this. The Weather Works collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, and sealant that work together to keep in your hair’s own moisture and block out excess moisture (which is what makes your hair frizzy if you have curly hair and flat if you have straight hair). It even has UV protector in case you live in sunny Florida and your weather woes are of the desirable sort.