4 Easy-to-Master Tips from Celeb Makeup Artist and Author Rae Morris

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Rae Morris Master Class

Photo: Courtesy Rae Morris

Spanning over 25 years, Rae Morris‘s career as a makeup artist has encompassed covers for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, illuminating the faces of Naomi Campbell and Cate Blanchett, and writing five bestselling books. (Not impressive at all, right?) The former makeup director of L’Oréal Paris and Sydney resident just debuted her sixth title, Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass ($53, raemorris.com). In keeping with today’s digital-enthused culture, the 420-page beauty tome was released along with an iPad version ($13, itunes.apple.com) and an app ($4, itunes.apple.com), both of which contain over 2 hours of tutorials.

“It’s everything I know about makeup and what I’ve learned since the last book [2013’s Quick Looks: Beautiful Makeup in Minutes]” Morris says. Featuring extensive eye color charts and step-by-step instructions for 4o looks, Masterclass is brimming with Morris’s top tips. While in New York City celebrating its launch, she swung by our office to share a few, and also left us with a list of her favorite products. Read and learn.

Morris’s Advice on Avoiding a Foundation Faux Pas
“One of the the biggest mistakes I see all the time is that people don’t match their foundation to their chest color, they match it to the jawline. That’s wrong because the neck is generally lighter than the face. Always match your foundation to your décolletage. Always.”    

Her Suggestion for Blush Application
“Don’t smile. When you do, your blush ends up too low. Imagine a line from the corner of your mouth to the top of your ear, where a natural contour would sit. Blush should only go above that imaginary line.”

Her Go-To Technique for Lifting the Eyes
“Ninety percent of women do their top eye makeup before their bottom eye makeup, and then connect from the bottom to the top. That makes your eyes look smaller and droopier, though. If you want to lift and extend, do it the other way around—bottom eye makeup first, then the top eye makeup.”

Morris’s Thoughts on Frosty Eyeshadow
“I think the most aging thing that women do is highlight or use frosty eyeshadow right under eyebrow bone. Our brow bones become really prominent as we age, so when you highlight or add frost there, it makes your eyelids look puffy.”

The Products You’ll Find in Her Makeup Bag
“I love Ellis Fass Foundation ($90, ellisfaas.com)—it’s so dewy and creamy. And their eyeshadows ($36, ellisfass.com) are my favorite; they’re really thin and highly pigmented—once they’re set they don’t move. L’Oréal Paris Lumi ($13, ulta.com) is a great affordable foundation, and Luma Illuminating Highlighter ($19, lumacosmetics.com.au) is the best sheen for cheeks. I also love MAC Lipsticks ($17–$23) and my favorite mascara is L’Oréal Paris Telescopic ($8, target.com).”

Her Favorite Look
“Matte red lips, a full brow, and an even skin tone with no detection of foundation… even if you’re wearing it.”

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