Here’s How to Boost Your Skin’s Radiance Using Makeup

Victoria Moorhouse
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Want radiant skin on demand? Taking proper are of your skin will definitely boost your chances, but when you’re looking for a instant brightening fix, the contents of your cosmetics bag should do it. But contrary to popular belief, getting radiant skin with makeup is not just about swiping highlighter all over your face. From eyeshadow to lip colors, you’ll never the products that can help you get radiant skin. Follow this breakdown packed with expert tips and suggestions to get your own “lit from within” look.

First, Have a Solid Understanding of What Radiance Really Means
Brightening, glowing, gleaming—with all the adjectives out there describing the ideal skin state, let’s all agree that it gets really confusing. So what does radiance really mean? “For us here at PIXI, radiance is very much about light reflection and a delicate sheen to the skin, which can be created by using the right makeup,” explains Petra Strand, founder of cosmetics brand PIXI by Petra. In order to get it, she suggests using products with a mineral pigment “that diffuses and reflects the light.”

Pick the Right Base Products
While you’ll want to stay up to speed on your cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating routine, picking the right base makeup, like foundation and concealer, is key. Strand recommends “humectant-rich” bases that will not only hydrate the skin but also give you an illuminating sheen, pointing towards the PIXI by Petra Illuminating Tint and Conceal ($24). For powder, she recommends a “talc-free” formula applied only on the T-zone.

Apply Bronzer on the Highest Points of the Face
“Bronzer is a very effective way of adding radiance and a touch of warmth,” says Strand. To get the best result, she suggests applying the formula to your cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin, which are places the sun would naturally hit your face. “The idea is to create a delicate and natural sun-kissed look, so tap excess bronzer off the brush to avoid overdoing it. Blend out with a circular motion to ensure that the effect is ultra natural.”

Don’t Forget Highlighter!
Petra says this shimmery product should be applied to your brow bone, bow of the lips, inner corner of the eye, and on your cheekbones. That’s where you’ll attract the light to your face. And after you’re done your eye makeup, Strand says to dab a bit in the center of your lids to open up your eyes.

Use Peach or Apricot-Hued Eyeshadow
These soft, pretty shades will neutralize blue tones on your eyelids, says Strand. While powder certainly will do the trick, you can also use cream shadow with a pearlized sheen.

Pick Natural-Toned Lipstick
Whether you opt for a nude or a peach, Strand says a natural color that will “enliven your complexion.” Steer clear of powdery finishes or drying formulas—you’ll want a hydrated pout to really get the look.

Try a Facial Mist
It’s like an instant revitalization for your face, boosting moisture and giving you an instant glow. If you don’t already have a formula you swear by, take a look at Pixi Glow Mist ($15), a product that is made with 13 oils like argan oil and even enhanced with aloe vera for a calm, healthy complexion.

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