Rachel Brosnahan Looks Nothing Like Midge Maisel With Blonde Hair

Elizabeth Denton
Rachel Brosnahan Looks Nothing Like Midge Maisel With Blonde Hair
Photo: Shutterstock.

Tits up everyone because Midge Maisel is no longer brunette. Well, that’s not exactly true but when I saw the Rachel Brosnahan blonde hair photo floating around, I thought maybe she was having an identity crisis. This weekend, the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star attended the Broadway opening of “What The Constitution Means to Me” with fresh strawberry blond hair. And while she was there to support her friend and a show she calls “vitally important and beautifully executed,” all eyes were on her new ‘do.

Brosnahan has numerous major acting credits, like The Blacklist and House of Cards, but it’s her award-winning role as a 1950s housewife-turned-comedienne that made her a household name. In all of these roles, as well as in her personal life, Brosnahan has worn dark brown hair, though she’s actually a natural blonde. She even told Us Weekly last year: “Blonde is my natural hair color, but I started dyeing it dark when I was 16. I feel more myself with dark hair.”

Her role as Midge has turned her into a beauty and style icon, and she recently paid tribute to her late aunt Kate Spade by modeling in the brand’s spring 2019 campaign for its accessory line, Frances Valentine. Her brunette hair took on a bit of a retro look in the photos, as it obviously does in her Amazon show.

We’re not sure exactly why Brosnahan went back to her lighter roots but it’s most likely for a non-Maisel role.

The warm blonde shade isn’t too light and it does a great job brightening her complexion.

Who knows, maybe Season 3 Midge does dye her hair and shock everyone in New York—especially her mother. I have a funny feeling though that pushy manager and now close friend Susie Myerson would totally approve.