The Shampoo and Conditioner That Saved My Highlights

Victoria Moorhouse
highlights1 The Shampoo and Conditioner That Saved My Highlights

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Some people decide to go darker come fall. Me? Going into the new season, I went much blonder, trading in my subtly highlighted brunette hair color for a Gisele-inspired bronde shade that was significantly lighter than it’s ever been before. I was hooked and even started to became somewhat of a “blondes have more fun” believer…until I realized that my golden blonde strands were going (horror of horrors!) brassy.

The only solutions were to just give up my status as a blonde or overhaul my product lineup—and I wasn’t giving up my sunny streaks for anything. So I went to work on my shower shelf, figuring out exactly what I needed to change to brighten up and tone my highlights. That’s where purple shampoo and conditioner came in.

This stuff is no joke. Known for toning blonde hair, purple shampoo is your biggest ally when it comes to preventing brassiness. If you’re unfamiliar, the whole idea is that purple, violet pigment in the product is what will neutralize that brassy hue you hate so much.

This time I decided to try out R + Co’s Sunset BLVD’s Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner ($29 each ,

This stuff has an incredibly light violet, almost white tint to it, and according to the bottle, is gentle enough to use every single day if that’s how much you wash. I decided to test it out about two times a week instead and within a few washes, I noticed that my highlights started to look noticeably brighter. It also left my hair feeling clean and free of product build-up and lathered a lot less than your typical shampoo.

r co sunset blvd

Photo: R + Co

I followed every shampoo with the corresponding conditioner, which is made with ingredients like aloe and sunflower seed extract to protect, strengthen, and moisturize the hair. I’m a big proponent of this stuff too (my hair is definitely happy), but I will say it’s not best detangling conditioner in the world.

I was delighted that the weird orange tint started to disappear from my hair. I was even more reassured even more when people started to ask me if I went to get another round of highlights.

I know that using purple products or blonde-specific formulas should be used as a precautionary measure and not as a solution, but it’s nice to know that I have an extra line of defense on my bathroom shelf just in case I can’t beat the brassiness all by myself. Whether you’re a natural blonde or get your highlights from a bottle, Sunset Blvd purple shampoo and conditioner is for you.

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