Game Changer: An Innovative Product for Second-Day Hair Texture

Rachel Krause


In our new series, Game Changer, we’re highlighting products that are so good, they are having a significant effect on our beauty routines. 

Life isn’t always kind to the fine-haired. Our updos slide from position, our freshly-washed strands sit flat against our heads, our carefully ironed curls fall limp within minutes, and it takes an arsenal of products, from mousses to gels to dry shampoos, to get our hair to even begin to consider doing what we want it to do rather than what it thinks it should be doing, which is nothing.

R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse ($29, is—forgive the potential for hyperbole—revolutionary. The thickening, texturizing potential of pomade is unrivaled, but it traditionally comes in potted packaging and turns clean hair overly sticky in seconds, which is why we avoid it. Aircraft is formulated like a whipped mousse but, when rubbed between palms, it transforms into a thick cream, with a viscous feel that’s unmistakably pomade-esque. Let’s call it a hybrid.

Aircraft promises second-day hair full of body and texture while retaining shine, and does it ever deliver. Scrunched into the lengths of damp hair, it provides thickness and a cool, mattified finish usually only achievable on slightly dirty tresses. As with most hair products, it’s easy to overdo, so start small and build as you go. We’ve only tried it on long hair, but we imagine it’ll be amazing worked into bobs and pixies, too.

With so many formulas available on the market, it’s rare to come by something that’s truly unique, but we’re putting our money on Aircraft. A product that can provide us with thick, messy, textured hair right after washing, instead of waiting 24 hours for it to accumulate the good kind of dirt? Sold.

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