How to Quickly Add Texture to Super Straight Hair

Victoria Moorhouse


Each hair type has its “quick styling” pros and cons. Girls with extremely straight hair might not even need to warm up a flatiron to complete a sleek, fly-away free look. A few drops of smoothing serum and you’re basically set. Adding texture, waves, and even curls to straight hair when time is of the essence? Well, that’s a completely different story.

When you have super straight hair, sometimes a textured look requires way more work than just ditching the hairbrush and literally rolling out of bed. It’s quite the process, to say the least. Luckily, there are some genius products and styling tricks that will speed up the process of giving straight hair lots of texture. These suggestions will help lessen the about of time you spend with your heat tools and (huge plus!) some take less than five minutes to yield messy, tousled results. Read on to learn how to change your hair type in no time at all.

Don’t Curl the Ends of Your Hair
Curling iron and quick don’t seem to be synonymous words for most, but there is a way to quickly add texture (that doesn’t drop) to super straight hair in ten minutes or less. For a bit of added texture that isn’t relatable to Shirley Temple ringlets, only curl the middle of each section of hair. Holding each section of hair, place the curling wand on top and in the middle and wind the hair over the barrel 1 1/2 times, leaving your ends out. This is all the bend your hair needs for that messy, beachy look. Hold it there for about 5-7 seconds and pull the wand down. Gently pull down each section of hair to complete the textured look.

Braid It—And Then Flat Iron It
Yes, girls with straight hair CAN make their hair textured with a straightener. Start off by braiding your hair in either pigtails or one large braid, depending on how large you want your waves to be. Next, take your straightener and gently clamp down on 1-inch sections of hair. The heat from your straightener will set the style in place. Unwind your braid to see your wavy style.

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Sea Salt Spray
The quickest way to beachy waves without heat or a trip to the shore? Sea salt spray. Best in damp hair, spritz this in your hair from root to tip and scrunch your hair in your hands. The formula will work to give your hair a wavy finish. We recommend Alterna’s Bamboo Beach Ocean Spray.

Dry Shampoo and Scrunch
Your hair doesn’t even have to be dirty to utilize this product. While dry shampoo absorbs the oils that collect near your scalp, it also works to give straight hair movement and texture. To get the look, spray in dry shampoo throughout your hair. Wind strands around your fingers and scrunch it up to work in the product. This simple movement will give straight hair a windswept, “woke up like this” texture.

Velcro Rollers
While this isn’t going to give you waves in ten minutes, it’s a good approach to add texture to your hair if you have about an hour before leaving the house or if you just don’t have a curling iron. After blow drying, roll sections of your hair into a few velcro rollers. The velcro will keep your hair in place. Keep them up in the rollers for at least 30 minutes. Unroll the hair from the rollers. Your hair should lay in soft waves and have plenty of volume around the roots. Spray in a setting spray to keep the look throughout the day. Another option is to roller your damp hair into rags, blow dry it, and then unroll the curl for more of a tendril-y look.

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Braid and Sleep
The reason this is a quick way to add texture to your hair is because you essentially don’t have to do anything but unbraid your hair to style it the next day. Whether it’s a French braid, a few braids, or a 3-strand braid, you’ll get the best results the next morning if your hair is a little damp. If your hair has a tendency to drop back into its natural state, spray the braid with hairspray to lock in the style. When you wake up in the AM, undo the look and shake your hands through your hair.