11 Quick 60-Second Hairstyles for Work and School

11 Quick 60-Second Hairstyles for Work and School
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In a perfect world, we would all wake up two hours before we had to leave the house, giving ourselves ample time to cook a well-balanced breakfast, take a shower, expertly apply makeup and style our hair, and catch up on current events and the world’s happenings before calmly leaving for work or school. But LOL to that.

Because this isn’t a perfect world. In reality, your morning probably looks more like, roll out of bed, throw on some jeans, grab a banana, and run for the train. If you’re lucky, you applied some concealer and mascara. If you’re doubly lucky, you showered first. But the hair situation? Lacking, more often than not.

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But a good hair day doesn’t have to require a blowout, an arsenal of products, or a few spare hours. As long as you have a few bobby pins or a hair tie on hand, you can easily—and we mean super, super easily, as in, while-you’re-walking-to-your-car easily—create a ridiculously cute and quick hairstyle with practically zero effort. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to learn how to do our favorite quick hairstyles, and then test them out on yourself next time you “accidentally” hit snooze for the fourth time.

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You'll need two hands for this one, so save this style for when you're not carrying a coffee. Just scoop the sides of your hair back with your hands, twirling each section as you pull them back, then secure in the middle of your head with a barrette.

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Stash a few bobby pins in your purse in case you're ever stuck with blah hair in need of help. Rake one side of your hair back and slip two bobby pins—spaced an inch apart—through it. Repeat the pinning in the opposite direction until you've formed a hash mark.

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Part your hair down the center of your head with your fingers to split the hair in half. Pull one side of your hair into a high pigtail and secure with an elastic. On the last pass through the elastic, pull the hair only halfway through to form a loop, then repeat on the other side. Pin the loops in place, or let them hang freely as little puffs.

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A relatively snazzy barrette is required for this look, so make sure to throw one in your pocket or purse before you leave the house. Just scoop the first few inches of hair back to the middle of your head, then slide in a barrette to keep the hair from falling out.

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OK, yes, this style looks difficult, but it's actually just a straight-up double knot, and it actually works best on dirty, textured, messy hair. To create it on the go, split your hair in half and knot it at the nape of your neck, then knot the ends together again. Slip a few bobby pins into the knot to keep it from slipping out, or let it do its own thing for an imperfect look.

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Gently gather your curls into a ponytail on the very top of your head, only a few inches away from your hairline, then wrap a scrunchie or a thick hairband around your hair (just once!), letting the ends fall forward over your forehead.

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If you're even slightly braid-enabled, use five minutes of your morning commute to rock a fishtail braid. Gather your hair over one shoulder and make a messy, tousled fishtail braid, tying off the ends with an elastic.

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Split your hair in half from ear to ear and twist the top section until your hair curls around itself into a bun. Hold the bun against your head with one hand and, with the other hand, slip an elastic over the bun and knot it in place, letting the ends hang freely.

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Gather the top section of your hair into a half-up ponytail and secure with an elastic (bonus points if you have a gold-cuff elastic on hand). On the last pass-through the elastic, pull the hair only halfway through to form a loop.

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Draw a line from ear to ear (basically where your headband would sit) with your fingers and gather the front section of hair into a top knot. Twist the ends around themselves to form a bun, then pin the ends beneath the bun with a few bobby pins.

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