Quick Hairstyle Tips for an Evening Updo

Rachel Adler

An updo may be one of the hardest hairstyles to master — and with the state of the economy as of late, when a cocktail party pops up on your calendar, stopping by your salon prior to the event isn’t as affordable as it once was. Some of us resort to leaving our hair down and simply curling it (to just have the curls wilt later in the night) or attempt to pull our hair back into a messy chignon, which inevitably falls out by the evening’s end. Iesha Carter, a hairstylist from Platinum Salon, shows us the following steps to help us achieve an easy and quick updo for your next evening on the town.

Step 1:
Section the hair into three parts: two over the ears and one in the back.

Step 2:
To give your hair some volume, lightly tease underneath the hair.

Step 3:
Gather the hair in the back of the head into a low ponytail and tease the ponytail before pulling the hair into a neat bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 4:

Take one of the two front sections and curl the hair with a curling iron in any style you wish. Iesha recommends a very simple spiral curl that lies off of the face. Repeat with the other section of hair.

Step 5:
Starting from the crown of the hair, pull a two-inch section of the curled hair and gently brush out the curl. Pin this small section of hair into the bun. If you have fine hair, you might want to use a bigger section of hair.

Step 6:

To smooth out your updo, spray an unused toothbrush with a light holding spray and brush down flyaways. A toothbrush is a great tool because its size allows it to tackle small, focused areas unlike a large hairbrush which can flatten your look.

Step 7:

Set with hairspray and you’re ready to go!

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