6 Ways to Totally Revamp Your Look During Your Lunch Break

Aly Walansky
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Our workday schedules can be pretty intense, and by lunchtime we often look as downtrodden as we feel. Even as we lament to our friends that we really could use a spa day, the reality is that we just don’t have the time. Lucky for us, there are a lot of worthy express beauty treatments out there—we mean serious beauty tuneups that can make you look and feel your best in the time it takes to eat your takeout sushi. Dream come true? Perhaps, but it’s also a reality.

Visit your derm for some upkeep.
Sometimes a quick visit to our dermatologist can have us returning from lunch looking like a new person. Botox injections can work like an instant face lift, softening wrinkles between the eyebrows, the forehead, and the crow’s feet. Most appointments take 30 minutes or less, says Dr. David Bank, a dermatologist and author of Beautiful Skin: Every Woman’s Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age and Founder and Director of The Center For Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery in Mt. Kisco, NY. Or try dermal fillers, such as Juvederm Ultra and Beletero that can help get rid of under-eye circles.

That’s not the end of your options: Wendy Lewis of Beautyinthebag.com recommends trying a SilkPeel Dermal Infusion session. In under an hour, your skin can be deeply cleansed and infused with topical antioxidants, peptides, vitamins or whatever other nutrients your complexion may need. “The end result is skin so soft it feels like glass. There is a SilkPeel for the Body too that works great for keratosis pilaris on arms and thighs,” says Lewis.

Find a spa or salon that does express treatments.
We’d all love to get a facial and a blowout mid-day to feel totally refreshed, but who has time for that? There are ways to get a lot of beautifying done in limited time—and often at a sweet discount, too. You just need to do your research on express deals at salons and spas in your area. In New York City, Julien Farel Salon and The Spa at Langham Place have partnered to for a “City Survival” package deal that includes an express version of their cleansing facial and signature foot treatment partnered with a blowout. If surviving in the city means you don’t have a full afternoon to take care of all your beauty needs (and, true, it often does), a package like this is a great option.

Get your teeth whitened.
If you have 30 minutes to spare during your lunch hour, Emanuel Layliev, DDS, Director, New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in New York City, says you should consider spending it on achieving whiter teeth: “Quick White is a favorite amongst our star studded clientele because it’s a quick lunchtime whitening procedure using Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed technology that only requires one session to see results. I use a trademarked polishing paste with a diamond dust cocktail that effectively removes surfaces stains before going under the Zoom lamp. It works well to jump start your whitening session and most patients’ teeth are five to eight shades lighter. My patients regularly rely on our Quick White services right before a red carpet event or photo shoot for these instantaneous results.”

Get a brow shaping.
Brows take very little time and make a huge difference. “Full brows make a face look more youthful and give the eye area a lifted appearance. The eye automatically reads a full brow as more balanced with the rest of the face and therefore creates a more youthful appearance. The entire arch, eye area, and even face can change with the addition of the correct, full brow,” says brow guru and Anastasia Beverly Hills creator Anastasia Soare. Pair your brow shaping with a mani/pedi, and you’ve truly power packed your lunch hour with beauty.

If a lunchtime yoga session isn’t your speed—who really wants to have to fix their hair and makeup after all that?—you can decompress with a bit of mid-day meditation. “I love to take 10 minutes at the end of the lunch hour to find a quiet place, close my eyes and breathe deeply—essentially, meditate. It helps gather energy and focus back for the afternoon and relieve stress, not to mention it’s a great beauty aid,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty.

Yep, there’s even lunchtime lipo.
Nothing can take the place of a healthy diet and regular exercise, but if you want a little help from science without going under the knife, try a body contouring treatment like i-LipoXcell. It combines visible red and Infra red laser for “biostimulation of metabolic pathways” which result in the release of fatty acids and glycerol, effectively shrinking fat cells. Results are seen immediately with an average of one inch per 20-minute treatment.

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