How to Master a Quick and Easy Bun

Rachel Krause
how to do a bun

Photo: IMaxTree


We can’t hate on the toss-it-up-and-go bun—you know, the one we most commonly sport on the weekends or when we’ve gone one day too long without washing—but we’ll admit that there are plenty of times when we want something a little more refined, but just as quick and easy and with the same effortless flair. Fortunately, “polished” and “easy” are not mutually exclusive qualities in a hairstyle, and a quick, easy, low-effort bun is totally doable, even for the most hair-challenged among us.

Start by using your fingers to comb your hair back from the front and pull the lengths into a ponytail, securing with an elastic at the base. Twist the lengths of your hair in one direction until you’ve reached the ends, then twirl your twisted ponytail around the base where the elastic is. When you’ve twisted the entirety of your ponytail around the base, tuck the ends beneath the bun you’ve created so that they aren’t visible, then pin in place. You’ll be left with a sleek, secure bun—if you want a slightly messier look, you can use your fingers to loosen up the shape or to loosen strands around your hairline for a softer finish.

It’s so simple, and really requires little to no hairstyling finesse, which is super helpful for most of us who want to look cute and put-together but don’t have the time (or motivation, for that matter) to perfect our skills. Consider yourself one perfect bun the wiser.

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