Q&A: Dove Hair Brand Ambassador Jordan Reid on Easy Tricks, Inspirations, More

dove ambassador jr2 Q&A: Dove Hair Brand Ambassador Jordan Reid on Easy Tricks, Inspirations, More

We recently got to get close and personal with Dove Hair Brand Ambassador and Founding Editor of Ramshackle Glam, Jordan Reid.

Ramshackle Glam is a lifestyle blog by brand-new New York mama Jordan Reid, which is packed with style and beauty tips, DIY ideas, cooking suggestions, decor how-tos, and more. From her favorite trends & inspirations to celebrity clientele, check out our Q&A with Jordan for all the scoop!

StyleCaster: Why did you decide to begin blogging?

Jordan Reid: Honestly? Because I was at a point in my life where I felt completely stuck and had no idea what I wanted to d0 … and all I knew was that something needed to change. I’d never even really thought about blogging, but once I started writing every single day I realized very quickly that it was everything I’d been looking for.

What has been one of the most rewarding experiences while blogging on Ramshackle Glam?

You know, I started Ramshackle Glam during a period in my life when I felt extremely lost and confused about what I wanted to do, and how to go about doing it. I’m very familiar with the feeling of wanting to do something and not knowing how to go about doing it…and I know that that feeling is just crushing. And it’s been amazing, having the opportunity to communicate with young women who feel just as I used to, and to be able to give advice, offer support…or just listen to what they have to say. My readers are truly extraordinary women – they’re mothers, writers, artists, dreamers –  and I mean it when I say that it’s been an honor to get to know them.

What is your favorite hairstyle trend right now?

I love the retro looks that we’re seeing everywhere nowadays. They can be a little labor-intensive for an everyday look, but you can always throw in some ‘30s and ‘40s accessories for a little nod to the style.

Is there a city that inspires you in terms of hairstyle and beauty?

I lived in Los Angeles for five years, and felt more comfortable there style-wise than I ever felt in New York: there’s an effortlessness to California hair and beauty that I find very appealing. When you’re constantly hiking, biking, or at the beach, you learn to streamline your beauty routine down to the basics and focus on keeping your skin and hair healthy above all.

Is there a style icon you look to for inspiration?

I think Bridgette Bardot did natural beach beauty as effortlessly as full-on glam, and I love her bangs. I’m working towards being brave enough to cut mine that way.

What are your two hairstyling tips for this summer?

I have the sort of hair that just does its own thing the moment it senses even a drop of moisture, so for me the summer is all about embracing my natural texture rather than fighting it.

My second tip: braids. There’s no easier way to give your look a little splash of boho chic than with a couple of braids – and you can always tuck a flower or a crystal pin into them for extra glamour.

You are known for your creative DIY projects. Do you have any DIY hairstyling tips?

One of my favorite ways to hide my bangs is to do what I call a “retro swoop”: you start with a deep side part, then pull the hair from the crown of your head, almost towards the back, and comb it forward and over your bangs (think Justin Bieber, but less feathery and hopefully less Bieber-y) before pinning it all off to the side above your ear.

Do you have any wacky beauty/hair tricks?

I’m the process of moving, so I often can’t find the product that I’m looking for, and that has forced me to get creative with beauty and hair solutions. I use my 8-month-old’s products quite a bit: sometimes I’ll spritz on his baby cologne (it’s less weird than it sounds; promise) instead of perfume, or I’ll rub a tiny amount of his moisturizer through the ends of my hair to smooth them out.

I also put everything on my cuticles: I wear a lot of rings, so I rarely apply hand moisturizer, but anytime I use a product – whether it’s anti-frizz serum, lip balm, eye cream, anything – the residue gets rubbed into my nail beds.

How does one break out of a hairstyle rut?

I think it’s fun to go to a friend with great style (and a penchant for honesty!) and ask them: What’s a hair look that you’ve always thought I should try? You may be surprised by the answer.

It’s also good to approach it from a problem-solving perspective: think, “How is my hair not working for my lifestyle?” and then go from there. Maybe your chin-length bob gets in your way during your daily run and you want to grow it longer so that it’ll go into a ponytail; maybe you hate spending time in the salon, and might want to consider a lower-maintenance color. It’s all about making sure that your style is working with you, not against you.

Any tips on creating an effortless summer wedding look?

I love the look of an elegant gown paired with a totally undone, almost messy hairstyle. The way to tie the look together: add a stunning accent, like a birdcage veil or a big crystal pin.

Do you have any hair catastrophe stories that you’d like to share?

I think my hair was in a pretty catastrophic state generally between the ages of 4 and 6, when my mother developed a serious addiction to the crimping iron.

When I was in 5th grade I went to ski camp for a weekend, and decided to give my friend’s plastic round brush a whirl. I’d never tried blowdrying with a round brush before, and created such a total, tangled disaster that my friends ended up having to cut the brush out of my hair.

Has motherhood changed your hairstyle routine?

Oh, yeah. I used to wear my hair down about 50% of the time, but now it’s a rare occasion that my hair isn’t tied up on top of my head just because long hair is basically a pull toy … so I always take advantage of meetings, work events or date nights to wear my hair down.

What is the one thing (product or accessory) you never leave home without?

My sunglasses; with an 8-month-old I’m often too rushed to apply much makeup, and this is an easy way for me to feel polished without the fuss.

What is your favorite Dove product this season?

For summer, the Dove® Style+Care™ Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum is a must: it has such great texture, and instantly gives you gorgeous, shiny, smooth hair.

Our Beauty and The Beach series highlights the biggest trends and beach-perfect looks for summer. For more information on our relationship with Dove® Style+Care™: cmp.ly/3

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