Purple Haze


Dior: synonymous with luxury, class, impeccable taste and, unfortunately, otherworldly priced goods. Why must pretty come at such a price? While my next apparel purchase will more than likely be from the racks of H&M, I rarely deprive myself of an indulgent purchase in the cosmetics department. Quite frankly, you get what you pay for.

The new Dior 5-Color Eyeshadow palette in Night Butterfly from the Jazz Club collection not only lives up to the Dior name with its buttery and blendable texture, but these shadows are highly pigmented (which means you can use less and it lasts longer), and the purple shades will make your eye color pop. It’s a color that keeps reappearing on runways again and again, because it suits everyone.

The purple hues in this palette can be layered for an alluring evening look or used to define and create a funky yet wearable look for daytime. Leave your lips and cheeks bare or almost-so, as you don’t won’t to steal the spotlight away from your eyes. When you want more of an intense purple, make sure your outfit compliments your eye make-up by wearing more neutral colors. You want to convey a sense of mystery… not an air of insanity.

Dior 5-Color eyeshadow palette in Night Butterfly, $56, at sephora.com.

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