Purple Hair Masks To Brighten Up Blonde Hair — No Salon Required

Mia Maguire
Purple Hair Masks To Brighten Up Blonde Hair — No Salon Required
Photo: Courtesy of Adobe.

Frankly, being blonde is neither easy nor is it cheap. Sure, there are a select few lucky souls naturally blessed with bright locks, but for the majority of us (even if you were naturally blonde as a kit), we rely on pricey in-salon color treatments to maintain our fair-haired tresses. Aside from the high-maintenance up-keep and pricey appointments with your trusted colorist of choice, there’s also the issue of upkeep in between touch-ups.

Aside from the inevitable dark roots situation, if you’re like me, there’s an ongoing battle with brass (orange and/or overly warm tones). Brassiness can be the culprit of several things, from UV exposure to hard water damage from your shower. The best way to keep those unwanted warm tones away is by using violet tinted shampoo, conditions and mask that deposit purple pigment (opposite of orange and yellow on the color wheel) to counteract the brass and brighten up your color without having to step foot in the salon.

Aside from using a purple-hued shampoo once or twice a week (depending on how often you shampoo your hair), investing in a hydrating, violet-tinged hair mask is another essential for maintaining your blonde. This is an important step because while purple shampoos are excellent at counteracting brassy tones, they do tend to be on the more drying end of the spectrum.

As we blondes know, damage, breakage, and split ends are a part of the process, so it’s important to take every step we can to exacerbate bleach damage. These purple-toned conditioning masks not only tone your strands but also help to seal in moisture and deliver essential restructuring proteins to compromised hair. We’ve rounded up a few trusted tone-enhancing masks formulated specifically for blondes to beat the brass and prevent further damage.

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1. Purple Hair Mask for Blonde, Platinum & Silver Hair

Bold Uniq Blonde Mask

Bold Uniq.

This toning mask is designed to combat brass and unwanted yellow tones without further drying our color-treated blonde hair. The hydrating reconstructive mass is infused with a blend of essential oils to condition and reconstruct compromised strands, while a deeply pigmented violet hue neutralizes brass and yellow tones.

2. Revcare Beauty Purple Hair Mask

Revivare Beauty blonde hair mask

ReviCare Beauty.

To counteract the potential dryness (and amplify its color-correcting benefits) finish off your shampoo session with a hair repairing violet-toned mask. When hair becomes discolored (i.e. brassy) your actually becomes more porous, which means it is difficult to retain a cool or ashy undertone. This double-duty mask repairs damages and revives blonde hair in just fifteen minutes.

3. Blondewood Labs Purple Hair Mask

Blondewood Purple Toning Mask


This reconstructing and conditioning purple mask compliments your violet shampoo because it boosts its toning properties but also helps repair damage and counteracts the drying properties of the shampoo. It contains a slew of bond-rebuilding and hydrating ingredients to strengthen your hair and repair damage, including Keratin and argan oil.

4. Vitamins Keratin Purple Hair Mask

STYLECASTER | Purple hair masks

Courtesy of Vitamins Cosmetics.

This thick and creamy hair mask is easy to apply, and thanks to its extra-pigmented formula, you don’t have to leave it on for over ten minutes like other masks on the market. This is the perfect toning conditioner for when you’re in a rush and need to shower and get the door.

5. L'Oreal Ever-Pure Anti-Brass Mask

STYLECASTER | Purple hair mask

Courtesy of L’Oreal.

This brass-banishing mask treatment works to neutralize unwanted orange and yellow tones in blonde and grey hair with just three simple treatment applications. Best of all, it delivers quick results — you only need to use it once a week and leave it on for just five minutes to get visible results.