I’ve Finally Mastered My ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look, Thanks to This BB Cream

I’ve Finally Mastered My ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look, Thanks to This BB Cream
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My relationship with makeup has changed drastically since my early ’20s. For one, I certainly would’ve never thought to review anything like Purlisse’s BB cream. Back in the day–I can say that because I’m a hop, skip and jump away from 30–you couldn’t tear me away from my foundation. Though my skin was blemish-free (ah, the good ol’ days), even-toned and rarely in bad shape, I somehow convinced myself that covering it up was mandatory.

Seriously, even on days when I sat in front of a computer with no prospects of anything beyond a Netfilx N’ Chill sesh on the couch, you could bet my face was beat to the gawds. Ironically, this regimented outlook is ultimately what led to the issues I’m dealing with today. Because I wore foundation so much without implementing a proper cleansing routine, I often fell asleep with remnants of makeup on my face. What followed was more breakouts, rough texture and dark spots that literally took months to go away and were no longer easy to hide with coverage.

For these reasons, plus a change in lifestyle, it was decided that I would become a disciple of “no makeup” makeup. To be honest, my routine most of the time is literally no makeup. Not because I don’t always have the time; I’m simply more confident in my bare skin now that my skin care routine is paying off. At the same time, there are days when I want to up the ante just a little bit without making it look as though I did a ton of work; a goal I’m sure you or at least one of your friends is familiar with.

It’s part of my job to know about and in most cases–at least test–the innumerable amount of coverage options out there. However, when it came to my personal quest for dewy skin minus the caking, I knew foundation was an automatic no. So I concentrated my efforts on CC and BB creams. CC creams, or color correcting creams, are best for those with uneven skin tone. And while that is a minor goal of mine, what I’m more interested in is giving my skin light coverage and the nutrients it needs simultaneously; that’s where BB cream comes in.

Otherwise known as beauty balm, these little miracles are touted as all-in-one products, meaning they prime, moisturize and cover all at once. They’re also made with skin-loving ingredients, which explains the dewy finish of most, including Purlisse’s Perfect Glow BB Cream. Besides the fact that it has SPF–an absolute must in my book–there’s also a healthy helping of Asian extracts, which are the foundations of this entire brand.  Also, though it isn’t oil-free, my oily skin still doesn’t feel congested or greasy.

purlisse bb cream Ive Finally Mastered My No Makeup Makeup Look, Thanks to This BB Cream

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In fact, I actually use an oil and moisturizer before applying. And to be honest, I think that’s what really takes the dewiness to the next level. Here’s exactly how I do it. After cleansing and applying my eye cream, I’ll usually apply a little CBD oil to calm redness, since my cleanser is infused with salicylic acid and mucho clarifying. Once I’ve given the oil about 5 minutes to absorb, I follow with sunscreen by dabbing a dot on either cheek, the forehead and my nose. From there, I gently blend until it absorbs. Immediately after, I follow with the BB cream, using the same application method.

Now, on those days when I’m literally running out the door, my makeup routine starts there. But if I want something a bit more complete, I’ll throw on my go-to mascara, NARS’ Climax, a few swipes of Too Faced Chocolate bronzer and any one of the lip balms sitting around my apartment. However, the BB cream is really what anchors my entire look and delivers the glowiness. My only caveat with this product is that the shade range is a bit disappointing. Yes, there’s one for me, but it’s the second-to-darkest one (Tan Deep) which means that anyone with a deeper complexion than mine is left out.

A wider range from this brand is definitely on my 2019 wish list. But in the meantime, if they do have your shade, run–don’t walk– to try it.