Game Changer: A Cleansing Conditioner That Soothes Super Damaged Hair

Rachel Krause

GC-Pureology-ArticleFor those of us with dry, damaged, deeply unhappy hair, the quest to improve our hair’s failing health is ongoing. Shampoos, conditioners, masques, and styling products all tout magical hair-restoring properties that rarely, if ever, do anything substantial to help the cause. It’s all temporary, always just a wash away from coarse, unmanageable texture and split ends that go on for days.

Truly traumatized hair in particular needs to be handled with kid gloves. A thorough shampoo alone can be responsible for leaving the shower floor awash in what looks like enough hair to, well, cover a human head. This kind of heartbreaking experience often translates into infrequent washing—which is totally fair, except for when it starts to backfire. Product buildup and debris often require more than a single shampooing after a few days, and without conditioner to detangle and smooth strands, breakage is more likely to occur.

Because one cannot truly heal strands once they’ve been compromised—it’s critical to remember what hair is made of, and that’s dead cells—we’ve tried countless approaches in the name of reducing the potential for further dryness and damage. Cleansing conditioners are of particularly interest, because what about cleansing your scalp without roughing up fragile hair doesn’t sound like a dream come true?

Cleansing conditioners, we must note, are a Goldilocks situation. If you have damaged hair that’s fine, some of them may very well be too heavy. If you have damaged hair that’s thick and coarse, some of them may be too light. We can only speak for ourselves, but we’ve found our veritable mecca in Pureology Strength Cure Cleansing Condition. It’s targeted specifically toward damaged color-treated hair, which is music to our bleach-battered ears, with a gentle, fortifying formula that makes each strand feel genuinely stronger—you’ll notice a difference immediately after you rinse.

Conveniently, this cleansing conditioner works for everyone. Fine hair types can use it without a conditioner to finish off, and types that need more moisture can complete the cycle with a thick masque. Not only do we guarantee that you’ll see exponentially less hair making its way toward the drain, but we’re actually finding that we need to wash our hair less overall, even with our oil-prone roots. The one caveat is that you have to use a lot of product with long hair, so you may find yourself going through the bottle rather quickly, but we’ll argue that it’s a small price to pay for silky, manageable hair that doesn’t break in the face of a strong breeze.

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