Halloween Nail Art: Pumpkin Nails You Need Now

Rachel Adler
Halloween Nail Art: Pumpkin Nails You Need Now
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When it comes to Halloween, the first thing that we think of is, of course, pumpkins. And then we debate how much candy we can eat without our teeth falling out (or gaining that unwanted extra 5 pounds), but that’s a story for another day. If you’ve gotten a bit too old to dress up as a pumpkin for Halloween, you have to do the next best thing – wear them on your nails! But we’re not talking any old pumpkin nails. We’re talking a fun mix of lovable pumpkins and Jack-o’-lanterns!

We worked with the one and only Miss Pop on yet another nail art tutorial that you can do yourself this October to show off for whatever you’ll be doing this Halloween. Whether you’re trick-or-treating (we don’t judge), celebrating with friends or handing out candy yourselves, your nails will be stealing all of the attention.

Photos by Rolando Robinson

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Step 1: Apply a base coat to your nails to begin.

Step 2: Alternate a purple and orange shade of nail polish on your fingers. We chose to leave the pointer and ring fingers orange, and used Nails Inc. Porchester Place and Sparitual Heliotrope.

Step 3: Place black nail polish and your orange nail polish into a dish (or on foil). We used Essie's Licorice for the black, and a dotting tool. Using your tool, dip into the black polish and make two small dots next to each other on your purple nail. Then, using the smaller side of your dotter, dip into orange polish and gently drop the polish over the top of your black pumpkins (so that the black outline shows on the outside).

Step 4: Using a striper brush, add a tiny stem for each pumpkin using a bright green color, like Julep's Leah.

Step 5: Next, on your orange nails, use your striper brush and a yellow polish to create thin lines to simulate a pumpkin.

Step 6: Now for the fun part: Create Jack-o-lanterns on your orange nails! These can be any faces you want them to be - but we suggest using a small striper brush. If you want an easy solution, use a dotter and just do big circles for the eyes and mouth.

Step 7: Once the art is dry, finish your pumpkin nails with a top coat.

Step 8: Enjoy your fun Halloween nail art!

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