Pucker Up: Get Spring-Ready Lips With These Scrubs

Augusta Falletta
Pucker Up: Get Spring-Ready Lips With These Scrubs
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Spring is in the air, but Winter left us with a bit of a situation: dry, chapped lips. Months of cold, wind and dry air treated our pouts pretty terribly and now we’re desperate for our mouths to be moist again. Bright lipsticks are calling our names for Spring, and lips with dead skin are just not cute. What’s a girl to do but find the best lip exfoliant treatments to save our poor kissers? Good news: we pulled together the best remedies for dead, cracked lips.

For most of these products, simply apply to lips and rub in small circles for about a minute, then remove with a tissue or wet washcloth. After removing the scrub, finish with a lip balm to seal in moisture. Try doing these treatments at night so that your lips can soak in the suppleness all night long. In the morning, you’ll be ready to try on the bold lip Spring trend (whether it’s matte or glossy) and your lips won’t look like a dried up┬áraisin.

Flip through and tell us which lip treatment you’re dying to try!

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In addition to exfoliating your lips and leaving them perfectly smooth, this scrub is cherry flavored. Yum!
($18, sephora.com)

This scrub contains three of our favorite things: sunflower and coconut oils, sugar and peppermint. Sign us up!
($10.99, amazon.com)

We really love products with a sense of humor. Not for the faint-hearted, this scrub is for smooth talkers who want fabulips.
($18, ulta.com)

Buff away every hint of dead skin with this mask and make your lips look satin smooth.
($9.50, marykay.com)

Besides completely rejuvenating your lips, this exfoliant also has a few things it doesn't do: namely, contain parabens or synthetic dyes.
($15, sephora.com)

After a few minutes with this little wonder, your kisser will be in perfect shape for a little smooch session.
($15, philosophy.com)

Dark sugar crystals, jojoba and grapeseed oils blend together to make your lips naturally perfect. This one sounds like a no-brainer.
($24, nordstrom.com)

Poppy seeds and sugar granules exfoliate while vitamins and smoothing conditioners leave your lips in perfect "pucker up" shape.
($18, beauty.com)

This exfoliant uses organic coconut flakes and sugar crystals, and for under $5 it's a steal!
($4.99, drugstore.com)

Rub onto your lips for 30 seconds, wipe off with a tissue and finish with the balm. Your lips will be ready for some serious color.

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