Prom Updos: Get Milkmaid Braids for Prom

Rachel Adler


Prom fever is at an all-time high right now as everyone hurries to find the perfect outfit and prom hairstyle to complete their look. After accepting your #promposal, you have to make sure everything else on the big day is just right. Since braids are always on-trend, doing an updo with a fun braid is a great choice on prom night. We teamed up with We teamed up with hairstylists from GLAMSQUAD, a new app that brings stylists to the comfort of your own home, and they taught us exactly how to get the perfect milkmaid braid updo for prom night. See the steps above on how to get the look, and below stylist Giovanni gives us tips and tricks to get the look on your own!

Step 1:
Part your hair down the center. Start a visible 3-strand braid from the front hair line on one side of the head and secure at the bottom with an elastic.

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Step 2:
Repeat on the other side of the head. Then, wrap each braid around the head (and intertwine around each other) in a circular motion. Secure the braids to your head with pins.

Step 3:
Once the braids are secure, make them a bit more disheveled to give them more texture by just slightly roughing up the edges of the braid with your fingers. Finish with hairspray.

GLAMSQUAD Stylists: Giovanni Vaccaro and Erin Taylor
Photographer: Kristen Bousquet
Model: Sarah Barnes