Prom Nails: 15 Ideas For Your Perfect Manicure

Jaclyn Sciara
Prom Nails: 15 Ideas For Your Perfect Manicure
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With all of the preparation that goes into prom night, your manicure is definitely one of your top three priorities on your big night. With that much importance, picking the right type is crucial, and we here at Beauty High have you covered. We’ve scoured the web looking for the best prom nails for that magical night and found 15 of the most prom-worthy manicures that you’ll be able to show off to all of your friends (and in all of your photos). Whether getting your nails done at a salon or you’re more of a DIY girl, your tips will be the talk of the party.

From ombre to glitter, 3-D crystals and modern twists, any option will work with your look fabulously. Plus, once you’ve nailed down your manicure (pun intended), you can spend time on your prom hairstyle and dress. Flip through the slideshow above and let us know in the comments below what your prom nails will look like!

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This manicure gives a modern twist to a classic nude that will have friends staring at your nails all night long.

Try out this clear nail with a hint of ombre sparkle for a subtle take on a metallic for prom.

These nails have a cute and girly vibe that is easy enough to DIY at home.

This purple ombre manicure pops with a top coat of sparkling silver glitter.

Prom is the time to fully glitz out everything, so don't forget to add some full-on glamour to your tips!

This watercolor manicure has a fun and vintage style you won't want to stop staring at.

You can never go wrong with giant pieces of glitter, so use them to spice up any color.

Instead of doing ombre, opt for this layered manicure that makes a statement but is entirely doable at home.

This sugar coated manicure is sweet and sassy, a total must try.

Gold gilded nails scream classy and polished, perfect for prom night.

Keep things interesting for prom with a black and white metallic striped manicure.

Navy blue and gold compliment each other so well, shown here with delicate contrasting stripes.

Be your own prom queen with these crowned tips.

A pale pink and glitter 'V' manicure is just the right amount of feminine for prom night. 

Photo: Honey Munchkin/Honey Munchkin

A little ombre sparkle never hurt anyone. 

Photo: Nail Art Gallery/Nail Art Gallery

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Hats, Glorious Hats!

Hats, Glorious Hats!