Prom Hairstyles: How to Get the Perfect Retro Bouffant

Rachel Adler

Prom Hair

Even though we all love a great chic bob, styling it for a fancy night out is no easy feat. Especially when it comes to prom, figuring out what you’re going to do with your short hairstyle can be a hard task – which is where we come in. We have plenty of short hair ideas for you for your big night – and going retro can be a great option, like the bouffant style pictured above.

We teamed up with hairstylists from GLAMSQUAD, a new app that brings stylists to the comfort of your own home, and they taught us exactly how to get a cute short bouffant style for prom night. See the steps above on how to get the look, and below stylist Giovanni gives us tips for how you can get the look yourself for your big night.

Step 1: Rough dry your hair with a blow dryer. Take a square section at the crown of your head and clip it off, clipping it in a circular “curl.” Using a round brush, finish drying the rest of your hair with a blow dryer.

Step 2: Curl the bottom layers of your hair towards your face with a large barrel curling iron.

Step 3: Curl your front pieces of hair away from your face. 

Step 4: Let down your section of hair at the crown, and tease with a teasing comb. 

Step 5: Smooth over gently with a mixed bristle brush – but don’t brush too much, just until smooth. 

Step 6. Gather hair from both sides and criss cross your bobby pins at the back of your head to secure. Spray hairspray to finish!

GLAMSQUAD Stylists: Giovanni Vaccaro and Erin Taylor
Photographer: Kristen Bousquet

Model: Samantha Lim