9 Brilliant Backstage Beauty Tricks We Picked Up During NYFW

Rachel Adler
Professional Beauty Tips

Photo: Imaxtree

Hanging out backstage during Fashion Week brings with it more than a few perks, but none quite as useful as the bits of beauty knowledge we’re privy to. From tiny tricks like using hairspray to get your hair to stay tucked behind your ears, to the more chem-lab rule of mixing water and eye shadow for a soft blush, we’re always learning cool new secrets.

This New York Fashion Week was no different–we trekked from show to show and racked up plenty of genius tips we’ve already started to use.

The Trick to Bottom Lash Mascara:
“The lower lashes are finer and thinner, usually. When you go in with the [mascara] brush, it grabs on in clumps and could instantly hit the skin, so it looks like eyeliner. So with the [angled eyeliner] brush, you almost tickle the baby lashes down here, almost just kind of tint it, but that way, it allows me to get them but not overpower somebody on the lower lash. When you’re doing a super, nudey, peaches and cream eye, you want to make sure it’s like not on the skin and not looking like eyeliner.”
Sarah Lucero at Banana Republic with Stila Cosmetics

Tame Every Pesky Flyaway:
“Sometimes I see 7 or 8-year-old girls and they have that perfect hair but it’s flat because they don’t blow dry it or anything. We’re trying to mimic that here. A lot of these girls during the week get a lot of little flyaways. We’re going to tame all of that before the show starts and what we do is hairspray. I’m just going to put it on my fingers and then I start pressing down on the little hairs until they don’t stand up anymore. And then it just looks like a sheet of silk.”
Orlando Pita at Carolina Herrera with TRESemme

Apply Lip Liner Properly:
“For me, and never say never, I don’t like a visible lip liner. The liner should either match the color of your lips, a super natural color, OR the lip pencil should be the exact same color as your lipstick. I don’t like to see the pencils.”
Tom Pecheux at Derek Lam with MAC Cosmetics


Work With Nail Decals and Don’t Worry About Bubbles:
“A top coat and base coat will actually make nail tape lift, so when you’re using decals or tapes for nail art don’t use those. Also, make sure your fingers are clean of cuticle oils, because those will make them lift too.”
Madeline Poole at 3.1 Phillip Lim with Sally Hansen

Master a DIY Mani With Dark Polish:
“Dark nail polish, it can be easy to make mistakes. So make sure you don’t have too much polish blobbing off the brush—scrape off most of the liquid from the brush, then apply. And don’t get it too close to the cuticle! You have too much polish on the brush, it makes a puddle around the cuticle, it doesn’t look good. Less polish on the brush, always.”
Jin Soon Choi at Derek Lam with her namesake brand

Easily Match Your Makeup Look:
“It’s that dewy, cool coral, pinky, pinky. It’s always matching. If your cheek and lip match in the same color family, you’re going to have more of a modern makeup look because it has to be corresponding. It’s monochromatic.”
Sarah Lucero at Banana Republic with Stila Cosmetics

Nail the Effortless Hair Look:
“I always hated walking out of the salon like I just walked out of the salon, I always wanted to look like I didn’t care—so I straighten hair with a curling iron. Wrap the hair from the root around the iron, and it smooths the cuticle—but I also get lift, and then the ends have a bend to them. It’s very beautiful, very smooth, very effortless.”
Orlando Pita at Derek Lam with Phyto and Babyliss

Get True Lash Definition:
“After curling the lashes, we’re just adding mascara to the outer corners of the lashes, not all the way across. This gives lashes definition on the outside.”
Diane Kendal at Tory Burch with Tory Burch Beauty

Make Your Lipstick Matte With Blush:
“If you’re using a shiny lipstick or gloss just pat a blush into the center for a velvety look.”
Yadim at Jason Wu with Maybelline

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