Everything You Really Need to Own for Glowy Skin

Victoria Moorhouse
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With the amount of beauty products claiming to give you the luminous, radiant skin of an angel, or you know, a Hollywood A-lister, it can be difficult to figure out what products we really need for glowing skin. Do we have to purchase that opalescent primer, or are we falling into a huge beauty marketing trap? To get to the bottom of the confusion, we went to a makeup pro who filled us in on exactly what will get us glowing skin.

You’ll need a moisturizer and a primer.
Before you even pop open your foundation, you should prep your skin with a moisturizer with SPF and an illuminating primer to give your skin a natural glow, explains Celebrity Makeup Artist Latisha N. Rankin. When using, apply three pumps of the primer into the moisturizer and only apply on cheek bones, T-zones, and a little to the chin right under the lips,” she says.

Rankin suggests applying with your fingers so that the product penetrates into your skin. Her top product picks include Murad’s Light Balancing Moisturizer SPF 15 ($40, ulta.com) and Dior Glow Maximizer Primer ($42, ulta.com), a formula she says will brighten dull skin.

Yep, foundation should make your shopping cart.
According to Rankin, the best option is a lightweight, buildable foundation. Rankin opts for NARS Luminous Sheer Glow ($45, narscosmetics.com). “Laying this product on your skin is like buttering hot bread!” she says. And what tools you use to apply it will determine what type of coverage you get. For medium coverage, use a beauty blender and a setting spray. For fuller coverage, Rankin suggests a fluffy foundation brush.

Use concealer for coverage and as an eyeshadow base.
This product can go the distance when it comes to getting a glowy look. To give a warmth to the eyes, Rankin says to use your ring finger to tap a few dots of the formula under the eye before applying foundation—she opts for NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30, narscosmetics.com) for all skin types. Let it sit for a few seconds under the eye, and then use your finger to blend, she explains. For more coverage, apply the concealer after you swipe on foundation.

If you have leftover concealer or foundation, Rankin says that you can actually use that as a natural eye base. But if you want more color, use your ring finger to apply a long-wear shadow.

What blush you use is really up to you.
When it comes to your cheeks, everything is preference, however I like a combination of NARS Orgasm Blush ($30, sephora.com)I mix this with just about EVERYTHING, and it comes out beautiful every time!” she says. Rankin uses this product as a base or a highlighter. Not sure what blush color works for you? If you have a deeper skin tone, Rankin suggests products in the nectar family, while lighter skin tones are safe with pink.

Pick up a nude lipstick.
Stay away from reds and bright pinks and try out a soft nude instead. Rankin prefers high-pigmented nudes like The LipBar’s all natural lip gloss in Tiramisu Toffee ($20, thelipbar.com).

Lastly, invest in a brow product.
Rankin says that a product like IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($24, ulta.com) will allow you to build color based on the pressure of your stroke. And of course, she says that Anastasia Beverly Hills, a cult favorite brow pencil, is always in her kit.

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